Fairfield Preschool Bromsgrove


Parents who show interest in their child attending the group will be invited to visit our setting and given copies of our prospectus, Ofsted report and registration forms.

  • Children being admitted to the group will be offered sessions from Monday to Friday subject to availability at the time of admission.
  • Older children – those starting school the next academic year – will be offered a Plus 4’s session held on Monday afternoons tailored specifically for transition to First School.
  • Additional sessions may be available to all children subject to availability.
  • It is possible to pick up extra sessions (subject to availability) in addition to your routine sessions at short notice, the Manager and Deputy Managers will advise on availability
  • Children are able to start from the age of two.

Before starting, the Preschool Management team will ask parents to complete a registration form and a parental responsibility form, where applicable.

Starting dates may be staggered to allow for settling in.

New children and parents are welcomed by the supervisor who will check forms, emergency contact details and any medical information before the parent leaves.

Parents are kept fully informed via text message on how their child is settling in in the session.

Click here to view our recent OFSTED report.